Our Services


We all spend a lot of time in the bathroom and kitchen and so does our guests. Make your bathroom and kitchen compliment your home, with great tops and great-looking cupboards. We do all types of renovations to bathrooms and kitchens.

Laminate flooring

Nothing beats the look and feel of a professionally installed laminated floor. It gives a great atmosphere to any home and with our years of experience installing the best quality laminated flooring, you cannot go wrong. Let us come show you all the styles that are available.

Cornices & Ceilings

Don't just settle for the plain old ordinary skirting and cornices. Impress your guests and yourself with skirting and cornices that give style to any ceiling. We offer our clients a huge range from our suppliers, in any stye, type or material. Expertly finished with perfection in mind.

Gutters & Roofs

We install, fix and maintain all types of gutters and fitted to any roof. Is your home's gutters sagging, broken or blocked all the time? We provide advice and we install new improved gutters for any type of home, complex, building or factory, so too much rain is never a problem.

Plumbing Repairs

We all experience plumbing problems once in a while and whether it's a blocked drain, a burst pipe or water not flowing as strong as it should. Let us professionally install or repair any type plumbing problem you might have, so using water in your home is a free-flowing pleasure.

Geyser Replacements

Nobody likes the sight of your whole house being under water from a burst geyser and nobody wants to get burned by hot water should a geyser burst. Before that happens let us give you advice on the status of your geyser and let's replace the one that did burst with a quality guaranteed geyser.

Tiling & Bathrooms

Tiles improve any frequently accessed area and it makes the cleaning and maintenance of such area a breeze. We provide our clients with a enormous collection of the best tiles available and we will install the choice they make, expertly and finished to perfection.

Paving & Screeding

The entrance to your home says a lot about you and you also don't want to battle to get into your own yard. We provide affordable paving and screeding solutions for any home, driveway or entrance and with years of experience we make it look stunning and make it last.


Nothing beats a new coat of paint and paint has the ability to make any home look new and any room as well. Tired of that faded yellow room with marks all over from kids playing or the water leak you wish never happened? Let us provide you with a new, clean and stunning colored room.

Brickwork & Plastering

Security is a big concern in this country and putting up walls is sometimes a necessity more than just a luxury. Maybe you just want to extend the house or build a granny flat for mother in law. We provide years of experience building small to medium sized structures.

Electrical Repairs

Need lights outside or want to get an electric gate? Professional electrical repair and installations by a team that is qualified and bent on making sure things work. We also assist with COC certificates for new installations. We also provide expert advice on how to save electricity.

DSTV Installations